New York City

Currently Designing
Renovation of an art gallery.

Currently Writing
On the economic aspects of aesthetics in architectural production; on the character of the residential interior.

Jasper Campshure is an architectural designer who has varied experience in the fields of architecture, object design, and building construction. He works and writes on and around these fields and has juried and taught graduate architectural design studios.

He aims for design that is informed of and in dialogue with its physical and intellectual surroundings, and when necessary critical of its cultural time, so that what is arrived at is not merely a ‘solution’ to a problem, but encapsulates a meaningful set of contemporary ideas and offers in its material manifestation possibilities for uses known and still unknown.

Jasper has worked with architects, designers, and artists on buildings, workplaces, cultural spaces, retail and experiential environments, furniture, art, and architecture-related software. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he studied literature and business, and a Master in Architecture from Harvard Graduate School of Design.

His most recent written work deals with how capitalism, architecture, and design operate on one another, and he is interested in working on projects from publishing to object design to architecture, from the scale of the stool to that of the building, or larger.

He draws inspiration from the work of Mies van der Rohe, Susan Sontag, Illdefons Cerdà, Alison and Peter Smithson, the Shakers, Ludwig Wittgenstein as an architect, Günther Förg as an oeuvre, British architects that came up in the 1990s gathering around 9H, Fernanda Gomes, Cameron Rowland, and brickmasons everywhere.

References and CV on request.

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