Coffee Table

Coffee Table for an Apartment
This table appears as a simple object - just a coffee table - while engaging in a bit of invention with respect to its joinery and form. The legs are attached to the table top using a modified mortise and tenon system unique to this table, with a brass bar piercing through the tenon and attaching on either side to the underside of the top. In the middle, the tapered brass knockdown plugs produce a rigid system with the two oak stretchers during assembly. The table legs make a subtle formal play, starting at the top as an eight-sided shape and tapering to a nearly circular sixteen-sided bottom, producing, as a result, a complex, albeit, delicate surface.

I built the piece using both traditional and digital tools. The brass joinery was turned on a metal lathe and the stretcher bars on a wood lathe. However, the location of the holes allowed for a very small margin of error, therefore requiring the use of CNC milling and drilling. Additionally, the table top and legs were formed almost entirely with CNC design and fabrication, done on a 3-axis mill and 4-axis lathe, respectively.

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