Designing Intervention

Project Text

The Gates of Beyazit Meydan

Moving through the threshold of a gate, the body registers change; it is a placemaking instrument whose impact can be permanent or fleeting. These are the entry through with which it is proposed to intervene on the larger meydan area, giving symbolic continuity with its historical surroundings, while updating it for contemporary site needs and uses.


Outmoded Monument

Gate to Istanbul University

Gate to the Grand Bazaar

Gate to Constantinople


Access to the Academy

Access to the Economy

Access to the City/State

Proposed Interventions

Contemporary Utility

Gate to the Student

New Library and Semi-Public Courtyard Plaza

Gate to the Hawker

Apparatus for Selling and Storage of Wares for Hundreds of Local Street Vendors

Gate to the Citizen

New Bus Stop, Connecting Follies and Street Bridge over Divan Yolu

Gate to the Student

The principal intervention, a proposed public plaza accessible by Divan Yolu, the main thoroughfare, and rear semi-public courtyard is proposed at the site of the current Instanbul University library with a new university libary proposed to be built above this new public space.

Reading Room

Longitundinal Site Section

Section through Proposed Library

Street Elevation of blind façade from Divan Yolu,
the former imperial road from Constantinople to Rome

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